From a single work of art to a traveling exhibition, from a contemporary artwork to a delicate antique masterpiece, we will ensure that your art is transported to its destination on time and in excellent condition. For international shipments, we are happy to offer our assistance and find the right freight forwarder for your shipment, taking care of all customs procedures for import and export shipments. We will take all necessary steps to ensure that the shipment is on time and safe.
Our specialists produce crates for any type of artwork. We produce crates according to exact specifications and know that there are many competing crate purposes. Our customers can rely on the safety of all our packaging materials.
All installations are highly professional and we provide you with a clear overview, risk assessment and condition report. Our experts create a clear plan in advance for each transport and installation of works of size, weight, proportion and complexity - keeping the protective space of your works at the forefront worldwide. Our technicians are always able to guide you on the safest and most secure way to efficiently install artwork. We offer screen and canvas tensioning as part of our installation service, we prepare artwork for installation prior to transport for optimal results.
Our licensed photography team offers photo shoots ranging from single images in the studio to installation photography. This service can be used individually or as part of our service package.
  • Lupo (1m|1,5m|2m) 90my, 3 Lagen, 100m lang
  • Tyvek (1,5m|3m), 50m lang
  • Dartec foil (93cm|150cm), 50m lang
  • Paper tape
  • Plastic tape
  • Moving boxes
  • Other artist supplies on request (edge protectors, canvases, cardboard, etc.)